How to Recharge Your Car’s AC System?

In order to avoid potential injury while recharging your car’s air conditioning system, make sure that you wear safety gloves and glasses. Once you have worn these safety items, you are ready to continue with the steps given below. It is quite straightforward and one can simply follow instruction that are available with your refrigerant and dispenser. Here are the steps, provided by the service providers of car AC recharge Dubai, to recharge your car’s AC:

1.       Lift the car’s hood.
2.       Start your car.
3.       Turn-on the AC. Turn the AC to full blast (get it all the way up to the coldest side, and get the fan running in highest settings).
4.      Unscrew low-side port’s cap. There’s a valve within the low-side port’s cap which is responsible for keeping the pressure from getting released. This cap is simply to protect this valve and create another seal. Keep in mind that at times this valve, also known as “Schrader valve” or a “valve core”, may be leaking and faulty, but you may not be able to identify any fault until after the AC has been recharged. The better thing would be to get a test done by car AC leak detector Dubai, to save time and money.
5.       Attach dispenser as well as refrigerant. Next, screw the dispenser hose to the refrigerant can. Read the given instructions that is available with it, some of those you’d only need to screw on tightly, while the others sometimes need to be screwed on tightly as well as then back out the puncture-tool a little bit.
6.       Ensure that your car’s AC is turned on!
7.     Attach dispenser to the low-side port. Loose end of hose has one shroud around it which you need to pull back in order to connect it to your AC’s low-side port. So, pull back that shroud, connect that hose to low-side port, and then release the shroud. Give the hose a bit tug to ensure its secure.
8.     Read the pressure gauge. In case the dispenser comes with inline pressure gauge, you’d be able to view the pressure on low-side port. Ans if it isn’t showing pressure, then the system has no pressure whatsoever, or connector is not fully seated on the low-side port.
9.     Adjust the gauge’s temperature dial (when and if applicable). If your dispenser’s gauge has a dial which turns for you to be able to specify the external temp., so as to further indicate how much should the AC low-side pressure needs to be, then you need to use it.
10.   Check compressor’s clutch. AC clutch needs to be engaged, such that inner portion is spinning with pulley. If the pulley isn’t spinning, then you might need to get refrigerant into the AC system to get it start spinning. If all of this seems a bit too complicated for your expertise, then it is recommended to get your car to the car AC repairDubai center, and get it fixed there.


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