Tips to Winterize Your Car

During winter, while you are wrapping yourself, don’t forget that your car too needs protection. Get your car ready for the winters so that you can stay safe and drive safe during colder months.

The courteous technicians involved with car AC coolantrefill Dubai and car AC repairs are here to provide you with tips to winterize your car.

Replace the windshield wipers

Windshield wipers require regular replacements as the rubber on it tends to deteriorate over time, especially if you use your car frequently. During winter season, low visibility is already a major risk factor, and even experienced drivers would agree that replacing the wipers in time is best.
Also, coating the windshield with the wiper fluid would make it much easier for the wipers to rid of grime and water.

Test your defroster

Yet another important threat to visibility in winter is fog that builds up on your car’s windshield when moisture inside the car condenses on glass. It is the job of the defroster to clear condensation by blowing dry, warm air over the car’s windshield. So, if your car’s defroster isn’t working properly, then it is best that you get your car checked for any air leakages around the windows and doors, and also get car AC gas filling Dubai. If your defroster isn’t working properly, then it may indicate that there is a problem with your car’s AC system. It is important that you get these issues checked and fixed as soon as possible.


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